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Sunny Knable Biography

Sunny Knable is hard to fit into one category: he is an award winning classical composer whose works have accompanied film, dance and theatre, and have reached audiences in California, Florida, New York, China, Hong Kong and Italy; an award winning concert pianist of traditional and modern repertoire; an award winning jazz composer and pianist; a songwriter of pop, rock, and broadway styles; and even a former percussionist who has worked in orchestras, stage pits, and popular ensembles.
He was born in Sacramento, California, the son of a ballet dancer and composer, and brother to a playwright. It was at the California State University of Sacramento that he received his Bachelors of Music Degree in Music Composition, Piano Performance and Jazz Studies. In 2006, he moved to NYC to pursue a career in music, where he is currently making his living playing piano. In 2012, he will be receiving a Masters of Arts Degree in Music Composition, where he currently serves as President of the Queens College New Music Group.

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