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Oscar Edelstein Biography

Oscar Edelstein is an original contemporary composer from Argentina. Known for his creativity and inventiveness, he is frequently described as leading Latin America’s avant-garde, and as a pianist, conductor, and researcher, his career is characterised by breaking new ground. Born in La Paz, Entre Rios (Argentina), Edelstein studied independently with prominent Argentinean composers, Jose Maranzano, Mariano Etkin and Francisco Kröpfl. In 1980 he was invited into the emblematic avant-garde association of composers founded by Juan Carlos Paz, Nuevas Musicas, and later, together with other young composers, he created and directed Otros Musicas in 1985 to facilitate the diffusion of contemporary music in Latin America. At the University of Buenos Aires in 1986, he made a pioneering research centre into music and artificial intelligence, C.I.M., and in 1990 co - founded Lulú, the first magazine in Argentina to be dedicated to music and technology. Receiving numerous prizes, he was the youngest artist to receive the Antorchas Scholarship for Outstanding Artists of the Intermediate Generation.

He a senior professor in composition at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, and is the director of doctorates and post doctorates in his award winning research programme, Teatro Acústico (Acoustic Theatre), which develops his new musical theories and acoustic techniques, including original approaches to composition, pitch, new harmony, notation and dynamic control of the acoustic space. In this programme the Laboratory of Acoustics and Sound Perception (LAPSO) is developing Edelstein’s new system of control and notation of the acoustic space called “The Acoustic Grid”, and creating an entirely acoustic (non-electronic) system of amplification utilizing the scientific principal of Sonic Crystals.

Teatro Colón commissioned Edelstein in 2006, for the most recent of many operas, Los Monstruito’, and in 2008 he wrote La Foto del Tiempo for Argentina’s Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional and guitarist, Eduardo Isaac. Some of Argentina’s best theatre directors have commissioned for stage his acoustic and electro-acoustic works.

Edelstein’s ensemble, Ensemble Nacional del Sur (ENS) receives glowing reviews for their discs and tours in Brazil and Argentina. They have been described as “an invincible musical army, [that] win a new battle between creativity and technology.' His musical production and innovative use of electronics is seen by many critics as crucial to the map of contemporary music in Latin America. Institutions in both Latin America and Europe invite Edelstein to give postgraduate master classes based on his theories and compositions

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