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Slightly Disturbed
Monodrama for clarinet, violin and cello

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Gilad Hochman Biography

Winner of the Israeli Prime Minister Award for Composers (2007), Gilad Hochman is considered to be one of the most prominent composers in Israel today. At the age of 22, Gilad was appointed composer in residence by the Symphonette Ra'anana Orchestra, becoming the youngest composer to win this title by a professional orchestra as well as the Israeli Prime Minister Award at 24. Hochman's pieces are frequently performed on concert stages in Israel by leading soloists, ensembles and orchestras, and his artistic work is gaining both colleagues' and the audience's acclaim. One of Israel's dominant newspapers describes him: 'Hochman writes with the hand of an artist, along with talent and musical taste, his piece spurred much enthusiasm and curiosity to listen to more and more from his music' (Ora Binur, Ma'ariv). In addition, his artistic work is gaining broad interest and recommendations from all dominant newspaper critics in Israel- Ha'arets, Yedi'ot Aharonot and Globs. For his artistic work Gilad has also won a merit certificate from his home town, Ra'anana.

Gilad Hochman was born in Israel in 1982 to an Odessa born father and a Paris born mother. He studied piano since the age of 6 and at 18 graduated with honors from the Herzeli'ya Conservatory, under the guidance of composer Ilya Heifetz. In 2007 Gilad Hochman graduated with honors from the Buchman-Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv University, guided by composer Gil Shohat. While a student, Mr. Hochman was also active in many different fields: he was a member of the Israeli National Music Committee; the artistic manager of the 'New Sounds' concert series of the Israeli Composers League; the executive producer of the Musica Nova Ensemble, and Co-founder of the Buchman-Mehta School of Music's concert series.

In his music, Hochman puts a great emphasis on subjects relating to the Jewish tradition and his Israeli origin on one hand, while merging a contemporary musical language on the other. These themes are mainly portrayed through traditional harmonic and melodic elements, whilst introducing a new vision, making his music accessible to a wide range of audiences. An article on Hochman's piece, 'Slightly Disturbed', for clarinet, violin and cello, suggested that: 'the non-musical context of the piece sheds a new light over traditional usage of musical elements… yet at the same time, remains very subtle' (Noam Ben-ze'ev, Ha'aretz). Similarly, his pieces; 'A voice in the Wilderness', for orchestra (commissioned by the Tel Aviv Soloist ensemble), 'Akeda', for solo viola (commissioned by the Aviv Contests '07), and, 'On the Verge of an Abyss', for choir a-cappella (commissioned by the Naked Voices ensemble), all express various concepts in contemporary music which correspond with the composer's Jewish-Israeli origins.
Nowadays, Gilad Hochman divides his time between Israel and Berlin, Germany, where he dedicates most of his time to writing pieces commissioned by artists and music institutes in Europe, Israel and the USA.

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