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as happy as owlies in their hammock (2004) excerpt
This is a short piece for large ensemble and five voices. It was written for De Ereprijs Ensemble.

just one girl playin' around (2006) excerpt
Piece for Cello and Tape This piece was written for cellist Kate Ellis. All the sounds in the Tape originate from her cello.

flies who dreamt of more than windscreens (2008)
This work was written for QME (Quiet Music Ensemble) and premiered at their experimental festival in 2008 alongside works by Lucier, Toop, Kojs and a live set form Pauline Oliverios. This extract is taken from this performance by QME. Instruments: Clar., Trombone, Double Bass and Tape. Duration 8'12''

the colorful digestive palette of slugs (2010)
This is an RTE Lyric fm commission for SCAW Duo (Sarah Watts and Antony Clear) which was toured in Ireland in 2010. This is a studio recording extract for the 9 minute work for bass clarinet, piano and tape.

an alsation ate my dog (2005)
this is a work for bass clarinet and tape where all of the tape sounds are sourced from Paul Roe's Bass clarinet. This is a studio recording of Deirdre O' Leary on Clar, which was recorded and mastered by Karen. The piece in total is 8'20''

is it raining while you listen (2011)
Piano trio written for mmm trio and premiered in Tokyo on Sept. 29th 2011. This is an extract from 6'00'' into this 9 minute work which was recorded live of mmm.

fried rice, curried chip and a diet coke (2007)
This stereo electroacoustic work was written to represent Ireland at the 2007 Rostrum of Electroacoustic music in Portugal. It has been aired throughout Europe and this extract is taken from that original studio mix, mastered by Karen Power. Duration of work: 10'32''

Karen Power Biography

Karen Power is an Irish composer, educator, improviser and academic who writes primarily for acoustic and electroacoustic forces.

In 2009 she completed a PhD in acoustic and electroacoustic composition at SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre), Belfast, with Prof. Michael Alcorn. Throughout her PhD, Karen’s works focused on the commonalities and individualities of both acoustic and electroacoustic composition aiming to develop a more integrated language, which acknowledges and utilizes such strengths.

Recently Karen has spent time in residency at The Banff Centre, Canada, The Guesthouse, Ireland and was a composer fellow at UCDavis, California, USA. Karen has written pieces for Alarm Will Sound, SCAW, Carin Levine, the Ulster Orchestra, RTE Symphony Orchestra, Kate Ellis, Mmm Trio and Quiet Music Ensemble. She has been awarded national and international awards and honorary mentions for her work and has represented Ireland internationally on a number of occasions. Most recently; 2011 Ruth Anderson Prize, which will enable the creation of a quadraphonic sound installation comprising of multiple soundscapes from 5 locations across the globe in 2012. Karen’s compositional interests are constantly shifting, transforming and re-shaping, with recent projects including; a new piece for orchestra and live electronics, which was premiered by Ireland’s National Symphony Orchestra in a concert which featured and was curated by Karen, a sound and movement collaborative work with Mary Nunan and installation work.

Karen is an active improviser, who specializes in using environmental and everyday sounds as catalysts for constructing new soundworlds, which also feeds in to her educational work with children and adults.

In her education work she is specifically interested in creating new music and sounds with children through active workshops, which allow children to explore, create and perform their own compositions. Children are intuitively open and my aim as an artistic educator is to introduce new sounds, musical experiences and draw out creative impulses in my work. Much of Karen’s work in this area includes the use of improvisation, an awareness of our natural soundscape and the creation of alternative natural instruments as performance tools.

2012/13 will also see Karen’s first CD release by Farpoint Recordings, which will showcase her work in acoustic, electroacoustic and improvised music. For more visit: www.karenpower.ie

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