Andrew Price - Composer  

Hi I have joined today 24/01/2014 and I have recently started composing classical music with Finale printmusic and GPO4.. It has given me something to enjoy in dark times and has been instrumental (forgive the pun) in giving me hope and belief again... I have spent far to long working 9-5's although good jobs, (computer programmer, project manager and financial advisor) I would love to someday make it in the composition world. I will add some music as I go along and would love to know from you incredible guys (yes I have listened to some of your music already) I love the romantic style and will probably be concentrating on that style of music initially, its a far cry from the Rock songs I wrote in the 80's

Please tell me the things I am doing wrong (and also doing right... if there are any ha ha). I will spend a lot of time listening to your pieces and try to learn as much as I can from what I hear.. I have written small compositions since I was 8 years old but never recorded them until now (other than the rock stuff.