Anthony R. Green - Sound Samples  

Anthony R. Green : 3 Groups (2008)

Performance by the Ossia New Music Ensemble, as winner of their 2nd Annual International Composition Prize. Instrumentation: fl/picc., cl., ob., a. sx., bsn., hrn., tpt., tbn., vib./glk., vln, vla I, vla II, vcl, cb. Conductor: Matt Barber

Anthony R. Green : What Almost Happened (electronic)

created with Reason, 2008

Anthony R. Green : The Soul (2004/8)

Premiere performance by the Tasman String Quartet at Grusin Hall, Boulder, CO

Anthony R. Green : Chance (2004/7)

Premiere performance by the Laurel String Quartet at Jordan Hall, Boston, MA.

Anthony R. Green : Scintillation II (2008)

Ashleigh Gordon, viola, Ginevra Ventre, cello

Anthony R. Green : Intrepid (2008) - CLIP

Reading by the CU Boulder Orchestra, Melissa Wimbish, soprano, Jason Missal, conductor

Anthony R. Green : Encomium (2009)

SATB Sax Quartet - Premiere recording by the Flatiron Saxes 4. *Recorded with an iPod

Anthony R. Green : Midnight, and the taking-in (2007)

solo soprano and 1-3: tpt, vib, hrp, vla I, vla II, vcl, cb; Anthony Green, conductor