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Summary:Solo Guitar Competition
Deadline: 15 January 2019
Date Posted: 13 December 2018
Details: Encouraging the creation of new repertoire for classical guitar.

1. 1st prize: 1500 EUR
2. The winning composition will be a compulsory piece performed at the final of the 2nd EuroStrings Competition that will be held in London 2019. The EuroStrings competition winner is obliged to perform the winning composition on the winner’s tour in the US and Asia as well as at European tours at which he/she will perform as a Eurostrings Winner. The winning composition will be performed by this EuroStrings Artist at a minimum of 6 EuroStrings festivals in the following year, including performances at the Viennese Musikverein.
3. The winning composition will be recorded on HD video and published on the EuroStrings channel.
4. The winning composition will be published by EuroStrings Editions.

1. Applicants should submit one composition for solo guitar (no more than 7 minutes in duration), composed in one single or several movements.
2. The competition aims to promote emerging composers of any age whose works have not yet had a chance to gain international recognition. Applicants should either be of European nationality or otherwise based and active in EU countries/territory (this also includes European countries which are not a part of the EU, but are geographically considered part of Europe). No published, or previously awarded compositions should be submitted. Works must be composed for the six-stringed classical guitar. The real name of the composer should not appear on any pages of the submitted score.
3. Composers may submit more than one work, registering and paying the fee for each of them separately.
4. An application fee of 30 EUR should be transferred to:
5. The composition should be sent in PDF format (A4 sheet music). All scores must be sent anonymously; only a pseudonym can appear on the score pages. The file is to be named: yourpseudonym_EuroStrings.pdf.
The following additional materials are to be submitted, along with the score, onto the website application form found here
o – An audio recording of the composition in mp3 format (or midi) must accompany the score. The file is to be named: yourpseudonym_EuroStrings.mp3
o – A scanned printout of the registration fee payment is to be submitted along with other application materials.
o – A scanned, signed submission form including the declaration of authenticity, a statement as to the fact that the work is as yet unpublished and that it has never been performed professionally.
o – A biography of the composer (max. 1500 character).
o – A portrait photo (min. 1 MB).
6. Alternatively please send all materials to: Music School BONAR (Glazbena škola bonar) Maršanići 5, Zagreb, Croatia
7. The deadline for submission on the composition is by the end of 15th January 2019. The winner will be announced on 15th February 2019
8. The jury consists of five internationally known composers and guitarists. The composition competition selection process is based upon three stages:

Eliminatory: the best 12 compositions will be selected our of all applications
Semi-finals: the best 3 compositions will be selected
Finals: the winning composition is selected from the finalists