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Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 20 March 2019
Date Posted: 06 December 2018
Details: Crumb’s Cosmos is a series of events honoring George Crumb’s 90th birthday and celebrating his outstanding legacy. Submitted works must relate to the themes, techniques and/or aesthetics characteristic of George Crumb’s oeuvre.

Crumb’s Cosmos Call for Scores is:
- Open to composers of any age and nationality
- Accepting solo, duo, and small ensemble works (trio, quartet, quintet) for any combination of the following instruments:
Piano, Voice, Percussion, Flute, Saxophone

Notes regarding instrumentation:
- No more than two instruments of the same kind can be used within the same composition (i.e. there can be no more than 2 piano/voice/saxophones/flute parts, with one player per part).
- Works involving percussion must be scored for a maximum of 2 players.
- All works must be scored for no more than 5 performers in total.

Solo works: 5-7 minutes
Duos*: 7-10 minutes
Trios – Quintets*: 10-12 minutes
*any combination of piano, voice, percussion, flute, and saxophone, with no more than 2 players per instrument. See the Notes above for more specific details regarding instrumentation.

- Selected compositions will be performed in Miami (FL) in the fall of 2019, as part of Kaleidoscope MusArt’s Crumb’s Cosmos project | Date, Time & Venue: TBD.
- All works submitted will be considered for future programming.

Selection process:
- The submitted compositions will be screened by a panel of composers and performers to include members of Kaleidoscope MusArt’s artistic committee and University of Miami’s composition faculty.
- The compositions selected to be performed as part of the Crumb’s Cosmos project will be announced on April 28, 2019.

1. Call for Scores is open to composers of any age and nationality.
2. Applicants may submit more than one work for consideration. Please note that there will be an additional administrative fee for each work submitted beyond the first.
3. The submitted work(s) can include extended techniques that do not involve piano preparation (use objects/materials placed inside the instrument or between the strings). Please contact us at for further information, inquiries, and/or concerns.
4. The submitted work(s) can use electronics (fixed media – audio/video). Please contact us at for further information or inquiries/concerns.
5. The submitted work(s) cannot include prepared piano.

- March 20, 2019, 11:59 PM EST
- Results will be announced on April 28, 2019
- Performance of the work: fall 2019 (date: TBD)

1. CV/Resume
2. List of works (please include instrumentation and dates of composition)
3. Work(s) submitted for consideration in Crumb’s Cosmos Call for Scores (PDF, program notes, audio/video recording if available)
4. One additional work sample* (PDF and audio/video recordings, if available);
*The work sample can be of any length or instrumentation. Only one additional work sample is required per applicant, even when submitting more than one piece for consideration in Crumb’s Cosmos Call for Scores.
5. Administrative Fee: $20.
6. If submitting more than one work for consideration in this Call for Scores, please include an additional fee of $10 for each additional submission.

1. Please send all the required materials in one email, either as attachments and/or links to with the subject line “Call for Scores 2019” followed by Your Name.
2. Payment(s) may be submitted through PayPal.
3. All application materials and payment of the Administrative Fee must be received by 11:59 PM EST on March 20, 2019.