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RED NOTE New Music Festival (Composition Workshop)

 RED NOTE New Music Festival (Composition Workshop)
Summary:Composition Workshop
Deadline: 01 October 2018
Date Posted: 05 September 2018
Details: The RED NOTE New Music Festival Composition Workshop will help composers widen their creative perspectives and hone their craft through open rehearsals with guest performers Fifth House Ensemble and Iridium Quartet, and seminars with distinguished guest faculty composers Chen Yi and Eric Moe, as well as resident faculty composers Martha Horst, Roy Magnuson, and Carl Schimmel. Invited participants will each compose a 5- to 10-minute piece for one of the guest ensembles. Each composition will be carefully rehearsed during the Festival, and will be premiered at a formal concert. Each composer will receive a recording of his or her piece. Professors Chen and Moe and the resident faculty composers will also attend rehearsals, offering comments and suggestions. Participants will discuss their compositional ideas, techniques, and aesthetics with the faculty and other fellows. In addition, each student composer will have the opportunity to meet with the faculty composers individually or as part of group lessons or masterclasses. Each day of the Festival culminates in an evening concert featuring contemporary music performed by the guest ensembles or members of the School of Music faculty.

• Submit an ANONYMOUS pdf AND audio file (mp3 or MIDI) of your best work for chamber ensemble, via this link.
• The submitted pdf’s and audio files must be free of names and identifying marks.
• No application fee is required. However, please note that if you would like to submit your work in the Composition Competition you must submit it again separately via the Composition Competition link on the RED NOTE homepage.
• SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 1, 2018.
• 6-8 selected applicants will be notified by email, by October 7, 2018.
• The selected applicants must each compose a new work for Fifth House Ensemble (quintet or smaller) or Iridium Quartet. Score and parts to the new composition must be received by Festival Director Roy Magnuson no later than January 3, 2019. Alternatively, if the composition submitted with your application has NOT received a previous performance, and is scored for a subset of the available instrumentation, you may request that this piece be rehearsed and premiered in lieu of a new composition.

Questions? Please contact Roy Magnuson (