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Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

 Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Summary:Soprano Voice Trio/Quartet Call
Deadline: 05 June 2017
Date Posted: 04 April 2017
Details: Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble - Call for Scores

Seeking works for 3-4 adult treble voices, under 7 minutes duration, composed after Jan 1, 1993, and which have already received a premiere. No submission fee; no demographic restrictions; one submission per composer. Selected works will receive one public performance and a live recording. For complete guidelines and to submit, visit

*No Submission Fee!
*Must be a piece that has already been premiered (You will be asked to please provide date and performing ensemble info for first performance)
*3-4 adult treble voices (SSA, SAA, SSSA, SSAA , or 4 unspecified voices)
*Only 1 submission per composer
*Less than 7 minutes
*No language restrictions
*Graphic scores welcome
*Electronics are welcome but no engineer should be required
*No instrumental accompaniment
*Open to any composer regardless of residency or immigration status
*Open to any composer regardless of age, gender, race, or orientation
*Must have been composed and premiered within last 25 years (after Jan 1, 1993)

*Selected Pieces/Composers will be granted one public performance and composer will receive recording from live performance.
*Composer will be listed and promoted in public performance materials.
*Composer will not be required to be at performance (although you are more than welcome to come, but we unfortunately cannot cover travel)

*Deadline: June 5, 2017
*Results will be announced in July 2017!