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International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition

 International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition
Summary:Competition with Several Categories
Deadline: 07 April 2017
Date Posted: 18 January 2017
Details: 1st Round Application

1. Application Deadline: postmarked by Friday 7 April, 2017

2. Submission
a. Application form : 1 copy ( Download)
b. Composition : 6 copies (1 Work, Free composition)
Approximately 5-20 min., In accord with the styles and genres recommended Competition categories.

* Composition categories include genres of music spanning from classical to modern traditional music (sixteenth century style – twentieth century style) and includes no restrictions in regards to instrumental or vocal works. However, electric and microtonal music will be excluded as a rule. All compositions must be done on the staff(five-line) sheet music.

(1) Vocal Works
All vocals both religious and secular are acceptable.
Performance type (solo, duet, choral) is not restricted.
Solo works or duets must be accompanied by a multi-voiced(polyphonic) instrument. In the case of trios or multiple voices, however, the accompaniment of a instrument is not necessarily required.
Accompaniments may include piano or other traditional orchestral instruments. Traditional folk instruments from the participant’s country are permitted as well.

(2) Instrumental Works
No restrictions of performance type (solo, duet, trio, etc…)
Solo instrumentals must be accompanied by a multi-voiced (polyphonic) instrument. In the case of duets or multiple instruments, an accompanying multi-voiced (polyphonic) instrument may not benecessary. Native folk instruments are also acceptable.

c. Compositional Outline : 6 copies (A4 size, optional)
d. Curriculum Vitae (Self-Introduction or Biography) : 1 copy (A4 size, within 250 words)
e. ID Picture (3×4cm, Color) : 2 pieces
f. CD recording or cassette : 1 copy (optional; does not affect results)
g. Application fee receipt
* (Notice) All documents must be sent to the address of the steering committee in Korea.

3. Other points to notes
a. The following works are not permitted.
Already published works or works recorded for commercial purposes.
Officially performed pieces, even if only in partial arrangement.
Imitations or arrangements of existing works.
Works which have received prizes at other competitions.
Compositions by more than one composer.
b. To insure fair judging the composer’s name should not be included on the sheet music.
c. All signatures and musical notation should be in accordance with internationally agreed rules of musical notation, and if any marks are used which are not in accordance then they should be mentioned in the compositional outline.
d. Indicate any transposing instruments according to their characteristics.
e. Submitted material (Application, Self-Introduction, Compositional Outline) should be written in standard English with either a computer word processor or type-writer. Only compositions may be submitted by hand.
f. If submitting a CD or cassette tape, record so that each movement may be clearly distinguished.
g. Applications and Self-Introductions may be sent either by mail or e-mail. Other materials should be submitted by mail as specified . (If registering by e-mail, Microsoft Word is recommended for all documents.)
h. As soon as the submitted materials are received the steering committee will send confirmation.
i. The steering committee does not take any responsibility for lost mail.
k. The application fee should be deposited in our committee’s exclusive account and registration is only completed once it is confirmed that the fee has been paid.
l. There will be no refunds of the application fee or return of submitted materials.
m. within the same group(Junior/Senior), a participant may apply for the competition three times at maximum.

4. 1st Round Application Fee : 30 EUR (excluding transfer fee)
Bank address : Seoul, Korea
Account no : 1081-300-492512 / SWIFT CODE : HVBKKRSEXXX
Beneficiary Customer : SEOULORATORIO IADCC
Customer Address : Unamneopolis, Gwanakro 144, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel : (+82) 2 587 9272 / Fax : (+82) 2 587 9276

5. Steering Committee of 1st Round
Address : International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition Committee
Unamneopolis, Gwanakro 144, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code 08791)
Tel: (+82) 2 587 9272
Fax : (+82) 2 587 9276
E-mail :

6. 1st Round Results
1st Round results will be announced on Saturday 20 May on the homepage and mail or e-mail confirmation will be sent to the individual participants.