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International Competition for Band Composition “Saints” 2016/2017 Edition “St. John XXIII”

 International Competition for Band Composition “Saints” 2016/2017 Edition “St. John XXIII”
Summary:Wind Competition
Deadline: 30 April 2017
Date Posted: 28 December 2016
Details: Composition to promote and increase the music composition and the current repertoire.

In particular, the aim of the Competition is to create an original literature due to the figure of St. John XXIII, by selecting a series of useful pieces to complete the production of a CD devoted enti- rely to his figure. It will be part of a series of CDs, for different instrumental ensembles, dedicated to various figures of Saints, published by BAM International sàrl (Geneva-Switzerland) under the patronage of the Pontifical Institute of Culture in Vatican (Italy).


1) The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities, without age limits. Competitors can take part with only one composition.

2) The compositions must be stylistically appropriate to the theme of the Competition, unpublished, never performed, nor broadcasted by radio, television and / or streaming, nor presented, awarded and / or reported in other competitions, and must follow a gui- deline of the type of the tracks of the second category, in the level of execution difficul- ties.

3. 3) The piece must be composed on a meditation of St. John XXIII to free choice of the composer.
4. 4) The composition must have a minimum duration of 6 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.
5. 5) The compositions must be compatible with the following maximum organic:
o - C Piccolo (optional)
o - C Flute 1-2 (2nd part optional)
o - Oboe 1-2 (2nd part optional)
o - Bassoon 1-2 (2nd part optional)
o - Eb Clarinet (optional)
o - Bb Clarinet 1-2-3
o - Alto Clarinet (optional)
o - Bb Bass Clarinet
o - Bb Soprano Sax (optional)
o - Eb Alto Sax 1-2

• - Bb Tenor Sax
• - Eb Baritone Sax
• - Bb Trumpet 1-2-3 (3rd part optional)
• - Bb Cornet/Flugelhorn 1-2-3 (3rd part optional)
• - F Horn 1-2-3 (3rd part optional)
• - C Trombone 1-2-3 (3rd part or Bass Trombone optional)
• - C Euphonium 1-2 (2nd part optional)
• - C Bass 1-2 (2nd part optional)
• - String bass (optional)
• - Timpani (2 boilers)
• - Percussion (including keyboards, tubular bells and other accessories for up to 4 players)
• - Harp (original)

The numbers for each entry indicate the maximum subdivision of the parts. The absence of the instruments in italics (optional) should never affect the performance and in any case it must be planned to be replaced in the steps "required" and/or "only" with the word (cue). Given the specific destination of the compositions, it is permissible to use: Soloists (also not typically bands’ instruments), Voice, Voice Over (on public domain text).