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electro acoustic Competitions & Call for pieces

 MUSLAB 2017 Call For Electroacoustic works
Summary:Electroacoustic Call 3 Categories
Deadline: 01 July 2017
Date Posted: 14 June 2017
Details: Guidelines for submission of works:
• Deadline for receipt of entries will Date: July 1 2017
• They will participate works composed after January 2008
• The duration of the work will be between 5 and 15 minutes
• Only one work per category defined by composer admitted
• Entries must be signed by the author or authors (no pseudonyms)
• Works that have been previously submitted to competitions and concerts may participate if accompanied by a letter of consent for presentation and recording this show.
• There is no charge for registration

• Category A (Audio only):is open to electroacoustic music compositions of autonomous art (music band), a single independent movement duration.
• Category B (Audio and video): is open to compositions of autonomous electroacoustic music and Video, one independent movement.
• Category C (Video only): is open to compositions of Visual Art - Video Art.

Channels : Stéréo, 3.0, 4.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
Formats : .aif, .wav, .mov, .mp4


You must online register and attach a file format (ZIP) with the following documents:

1) The application form completed and signed. (fill in Adobe acrobat) ↓Download call for works and application form 2017
2) One picture in good resolution.
3) A short biographical sketch of the composer. ½ page.
4) Notes of the work. ½ page.
5) Signed letter of consent.
6) El peso del archivo comprimido debe ser menor de 10 MB
A link to download your piece compleate version stereo or mutichannel version- formats : .aif, .wav, .mov, .mp4 . (you can use wetransfer or dropbox)
7) Also attach a copy in .mp3 stereo format (with your piece)

If the documentation is not complete it will not be taken into account

 North Country Electronic Music Festival 2017
Summary:Call for Electronic Music Performances
Deadline: 09 July 2017
Date Posted: 07 June 2017
Details: The North Country Electronic Music Festival (NCEMF) is seeking composers and performers connected to the North Country for our 2017 festival, to be held on Saturday, September 9, 2017, at ArtsRiot in Burlington, Vermont. Those selected will be given a 15 minute set on the festival.

NCEMF is presented by TURNmusic in cooperation with the South End Art Hop, and hosted by Kavlos & Damian, who will interview composers and performers live between sets. NCEMF is founded and directed by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Anne Decker, and David Morneau.

NCEMF is both a showcase of electroacoustic art and an opportunity to overcome weather and geography to meet other artists working in the North Country, which we define as the region of the United States and Canada that is north and east of Albany, NY.

Submission guidelines:
1) The North Country Electronic Music Festival is seeking electronic music performances for our festival on September 9, 2017, at Arts Riot in Burlington, Vermont. Performances will begin at 10am and will run through 5pm. We will work out the schedule in advance, but please plan to attend the full day in order to support your fellow north country musicians.

2) Each artist selected must present electronic music that includes a performance element. The electronic element can be fixed playback or can be generated in performance. We strongly prefer music that is electronically developed or augmented, not simply amplified or modified. So, for example, music consisting solely of a guitar plugged into a distortion pedal and amplified is not what we're looking for.

3) Each performance is limited to 15 minutes. The schedule for this event is very tight and we cannot accommodate longer works. If you are planning to perform an open or freely improvised work, please plan to bring a stopwatch or a clock to keep track of your performance. Performances shorter than 15 minutes are welcome.

4) Due to the number of pieces being presented during this event, each performance setup must be self-contained. You will be able to send two audio channels to the house system. Everything else needs to be connected within your own setup. At the event, you will be able to pre-set your gear in a designated staging area. During a break between performances you will have 5 minutes to move your setup into the performance area. Please note that there will not be time for a full sound check, only a line check to be sure that everything is working properly.

 MAtera INtermedia festival 2017
Summary:Call with two categories
Deadline: 16 July 2017
Date Posted: 03 May 2017
Details: The artistic collective LOXOSconcept, with the support of the “E.R. Duni” Conservatory in Matera, the MATERELETTRICA collective, KEYHOLE cultural association and BLUE CAT BLUES association promotes the second edition of MA/IN 2017 [MAtera INtermedia festival].

The MA/IN 2017 will take place in MATERA on December 2017, at the E. Duni” Conservatory and at the amazing CASA CAVA concert hall (main venue).

The city of Matera will be “European Capital of Culture 2019”, and we would annually organize an experimental festival.

The MA/IN festival is aimed at the production and promotion of sonic and digital arts at an international level.

The second edition is divided into 2 different sections/calls.
More than one work may be submitted in both calls or in different categories.
Works submitted in the previous edition and not selected are eligible.


With the support of “Spaziomusica” organization of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) the il MA/IN promotes the creation of a new work for Voice and Electronics/Multimedia.

DEADLINE: June 4th, 2017 (23:59 - Rome time)

- Works should be composed specifically for this project.

- Works should be for voice (soprano) and electronics (live or fixed) or multimedia (audio-video/ lights). The performer is ELEONORA CLAPS.

- All pieces must be not previously performed.

- Unfinished works are accepted only if a detailed project description and a recording excerpt are provided.

- Selected works will be performed twice: the world premiere at the 36th Festival Spaziomusica (Cagliari, early October 2017), the second performance during the MA/IN 2017 (Matera early December 2017).

- If selected the work has to be finished by 1st August 2017 (score + electronics/multimedia).

- Pieces should not exceed EIGHT (8) minutes in length.

- The work must be free of any rights of reproduction and distribution
the obvious subject to copyright.

MA/IN 2017~ call for artists
DEADLINE: July 16th, 2017 (23:59 - Rome time)


[A] Acousmatic ~
fixed media music [works of 15 minutes or less are encouraged!]
[B] Mixed Media ~
for instruments and electronics (fixed or live).
[max 2 performers]

It is possible submit works written for any kind of instrument (solo or duo) except keyboards (piano, harpsichord, celesta, organs).

Musicians will be provided by the organisers. The composer can provide their own performers.

[C] AudioVisual ~
works with pre-prepared video and music. The video part can be of any kind. It must be single-screen, and can be high-definition (full HD projector available) or standard definition.

[D] LivePerformance/SoundArt ~
works that include electronics and other elements [for instance, a piece with a new interface, laptop, performer and interactive live video, real-time coding, laptop improvisation etc]. Sound Installation are allowed [this category covers audio-visual installations, pre-recorded or generated in real-time, interactive or not].

If your work does not fit into any of above categories, please choose a category anyway.

All entries will be evaluated in the arrival order and according to the following criteria: aesthetics, originality, innovation, technology and quality of the presentation.

It is possible to submit one or more works in both calls or in different categories.

Works submitted in the previous edition and not selected are eligible.

 1st International Electroacoustic and Composition Competition „eviMus“
Summary:Solo plus electronics call
Deadline: 01 July 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017
Details: 1. Internationaler Kompositionswettbewerb
für elektroakustische und intermediale Musik „eviMus“

1st International Electroacoustic and Composition Competition „eviMus“

The Festival eviMus (Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik) call for new electroacoustic works for its 1. Internationale Kompositionswettbewerb
für elektroakustische und intermediale Musik.

Work for:

flute (piccolo, C, G Alto or C bass) and electronics,

or saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor or baritone) and electronics.

Electronics: tape, live electronics, with or without video, maximum of eight channels

Duration: between 6 and max. 12 minutes.


The competition is open to composers of all nationalities born after 1977 (40 years old), each of whom may submit only one work, which was not commercially published or awarded a prize in any other national or international competition. The works must have been composed between 2012 and 2017. The length can be between 6 and max. 12 minutes.

The jury will award two prizes. It may also declare the deserted category or assign Honorary Mentions. The jury’s decision is final and without appeal. Any situation not covered by the rules will be managed by the jury.

Prize: 1000€ und premiere
Prize: 500€
The jury will announce the results during the 4. Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik – eviMus 2017.

How to apply:

All applications must be sent via DropBox or Google Drive in a single folder to the email: competition[at]evimus[dot]de.

The application must fulfill the following requirements:

-PDF or DOC with contact information, composer’s biography, nationality, date of birth and a description of the idea of your work (program notes).
-Copy of birth certificate/ID/Passport in digital format
-Recent photo in digital format
-Audio file containing a stereo version of the piece
-PDF file with the score for instrument and electronic
-Optional: Electronics (patch, tape, description, audio, etc.)
-Participating in the competition signifies for candidates accepting all the conditions of this rule. Any breach of the rules involves the elimination of the work in the contest.

Start of applications: 1st february 2017
Deadline for applications: 1st July 2017

 Call for Works – Electroacoustic
Summary:Electroacoustic Call
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 23 November 2016
Details: How to submit

Elektramusic is always looking for new electroacoustic musics for the Radioshow, concerts, CD compilation, and for music+videos for the TV show and for video live performances, festival and much more. You can submit you electroacoustic music works, and-or your electroacoustic music and video art work as follows :

Musics : on Audio-CD (cd tracks) or Data-CD (with audio files : SDII, Wave, AIFF,…). Multiphonic works must be submitted in stereophonic version.

VideoArt and music : on DVD-DATA (high quality QuickTime or DV file), Video-DVD-vidéo, or mini-DV tape.

Please join to your submission a biography and work notice. For video works, please also include producer or video artist biography. Please print and fill in the submission form to complete your submission.

Submission by postal mail : Please send all your material by snail mail (please no registered mail) to : Elektramusic – 10 rue du Hohwald – 67000 Strasbourg France

Submission by web : You can send by web your audio/video files, with the submission form (filled and scanned), your bio and notice as pdf to our email (elektra at by using a file transfer service or cloud such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

 CALL FOR SCORES 2015 – Cello and Contrabass
Summary:Electroacoustic Call
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 20 May 2015
Details: 1. Call for Narrator/Speaker/Vocalist/Actor plus Electronic Music Scores (performer and "tape")

2. Call for "tape" pieces that have explicit political meaning

Narrator/Speaker/Vocalist/Actor plus Electronic Music Scores (performer and "tape")

Composer/performer Rodney Waschka II is looking for works for narrator or actor or speaker and electronic music fixed on two channels. Works will be considered for performance on the Arts NOW Series and elsewhere. You can read a review ( by the Classical Voice of North Carolina of a concert of this type of music performed in February, 2009. Waschka has performed works by Alden Jenks, Pertti Jalava, Mansoor Hosseini, Stephen Pope, Allen Strange, Pauline Oliveros, Mara Helmuth, and others.

If you have composed such a piece or are interested in composing such a work, please contract me.

"Tape" pieces that have explicit political meaning

Pieces of this type are needed for programming for the Arts NOW Series.

Please contact me if you have a piece that you think might be appropriate.

Web Site: