Miriam Mackie - Composer  

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The London Festival of Contemporary Church Music have commmissioned me to provide Responses and Lord's Prayer for the Festival this year. These will be sung by the choir of St Pancras Church on Wednesday, May 16th at 3.30pm. This service will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3. For more -

Recent events and past concerts

New vocal ensemble Philomel commissioned 'Sappho Fragments' which was premiered at the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe, in November, with subsequent performances in March 2018.

'Two Rossetti Songs' were sung by the Barley Singers at an event for International Women's Day at the Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall, in March 2018.

'Missa Brevis' was performed by the Meljon Singers, conducted by Janette Ruocco November 2017. It was first performed by Illumination, conducted by Alexander Campkin, in November 2016.

'Modern Times: the life and death of Simone Weil' was given its first performance at Morley College on October 15th, 2017, with Jillian Bain Christie soprano, Rosie Bergonzi percussion, and Catherine Herriott percussion and piano.

The London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Alan Taylor, played 'Ticking' in their concert at St George the Martyr, Borough, on September 30th 2017.

My organ piece 'Kept Burning' was selected by Judith Weir and Thomas Trotter to be workshopped at an event run by Choir and Organ Magazine in September 2015.

Rolf Hind (piano) and the CoMA London Ensemble, directed by Gregory Rose, performed my mini piano concerto 'Lurches Away' at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, June 2015.

'Ah Belinda' with Rolf Hind (piano), album 'Es ist nicht mein' (Borrowed Materials), CoMa 2008

Consonum/Miriam Mackie/ Final Notations

'Awake and asleep' from Niall O'Riordan (alto flute) and Meg Griffith (shruti box) at Essex Church, Notting Hill, August 2014

Illumination, 'And we rejoiced' (2005) CD available (see Contact)