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 25 Dec   Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011
The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival ...
 15 Dec   The Recognition of the Composer Today - (Part VI of X)
The Recognition of the Composer Today - St...
 15 Dec   Looking for promoting free piano musics
Hi all! I've been looking for places to ...
 28 Nov   Libraries
Misuc's comments about books raise a few ...
 16 Nov   Earplay 2011
Does anyone know what has happened to the Ear...
 15 Nov   Sound Bank (Trumpet) does not work
Hi, Ive been trying to use sound bank, It sa...
 3 Nov   Do not use the computer too much........
I have been going through manuscripts from th...
 14 Oct   Dark Orchestral Score in Art Noir "DARK ARC"
Dan Zukovic's "DARK ARC", a bizarre moder...
 6 Oct   David Bedford
There is an obituary for the classical...
 6 Oct   Charging for a new commission
I am likely to receive my first paid-for comm...
 6 Oct   Art and Music
I was interested by Christian Morris' blo...
 27 Sep   Composition Competition Fees
I've decided not to enter any competition...
 J Saragoza 
 6 Sep   Conveying specific meaning in music
This question is inspired by a website my fri...
 25 Aug   Searchable Competitions?
Hi, This posting is perhaps more for you pe...
 23 Aug   Rites of Loops - Rituals_been off
[B] Rites of Loops - Rituals_been off [/B] R...
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