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 13 Feb   Thomas Ades
I just wondered what other people made of Tho...
 Team Gaughan 
 9 Feb   new pieces
Just how do you get your music played or peop...
 Team Gaughan 
 8 Feb   Menotti
Gian Carlo Menotti died. I'm pretty surpr...
 29 Jan   Most performed pieces by living composers
Does anyone know if there is a list anywhere ...
 David Bruce 
 26 Jan   Favourite World Music
I thought it would be interesting for members...
 John Robertson 
 16 Jan   Once Around the Sun
I bought Joby Talbot's album "Once Around...
 James McFadyen 
 15 Jan   The First Emperor
Hi all, has anyone been to/heard Tan Dun'...
 14 Jan   Posible to download?
I like create music my self so i want to down...
 9 Jan   Alun Hoddinott
Has anyone else been listening to the new re=...
 30 Dec   New opera by Jonathan Dove
I watched the tv Opera by Jonathan Dove over ...
 Team Gaughan 
 21 Dec   Ligeti
Terrible news about Ligeti. He's one of t...
 John Robertson 
 10 Dec   Dear musicians
Dear musicians, want say hello, I am a compo...
 Maestro Schroeter 
 6 Dec   Composition project from notion.
For all you that are interest in composing an...
 6 Dec   Call For Contributors
FACT in Liverpool UK ...
 Ross Dalziel 
 6 Dec   Music and War
I thought others might be interested to read ...
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