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 6 Jun   LCMG Call for Works
The London Contemporary Music Group (LCMG) ar...
 31 May   Intro and Anecdote comp by AWMusic
Hello to one and all, I`m new in here today, ...
 31 May   Question
Hi everyone I was wondering if there is a sit...
 Nicolas Tzortzis 
 26 May   String Quartet Offer
Proposal Jack Quarte is playing in Venice thi...
 24 May   To piano players
I do not play the piano, so I do not know all...
 17 May   Workshop in October and May Intrasonus
Whoever coul dbe interest in a workshop on th...
 11 May   Judith Weir Concert 23 May
Judith Weir Just to let you know, J...
 9 May   How much to charge for score and parts?
Hi everyone, Just looking for a little feedb...
 Christopher Tin 
 8 May   Call for scores and Composer web
There is a precise project for next year a co...
 6 May   Paul McCartney
Obviously as a member of The Beatles Paul McC...
 Team Gaughan 
 5 May   Why can`t we all meet?
It's a solitary life being a composer exc...
 4 May   LCMG 23 May Concert
Hi, To any who may be interested the London ...
 3 May   Guitar
Hello everyone, I'm a guitarist and my m...
 3 May   Bainbridge, Berio and Meredith  
Walking into the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Lond...
 30 Apr   Rostropovich
I was saddened recently to hear of the death ...
 Team Gaughan 
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