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 26 Jan   Putting my music onto the internet /this website?
I am a new member on this website I would lik...
 26 Jan   sibelius
Is this site okay for downloading my music on...
In Italy the Intrasonus Festival is going to ...
 12 Jan   summer teaching in the UK
Dear fellow composers, I am currently teachi...
 10 Jan   A survey: what does the ^ accent mean to you?
I've been having this discussion a lot la...
 Christopher Tin 
 1 Jan   music edition
Hello! I am from Portugal and graduated in ...
 15 Dec   Luigi Nono - Fragments of Venice, with Maurizio Pollini  
Franz Schubert famously once remarked 'wh...
 12 Dec   New Member - Welcome Feedback
Hi All I've just joined as new member to ...
 25 Nov   Performing Rights Societies
Dear colleagues! I live in Moscow and curren...
 22 Nov   SIX_EVENTS
hey everyone! I'm new please t...
 22 Nov   viola ensemble?
hello, does anyone here know of any new musi...
 5 Nov   Steven Stucky on American and British composers
An interesting article in today's guardia...
 David Bruce 
 29 Oct   Workshops for composers
All composersa are strongly invited to join ...
 29 Oct   LCMG Concert 12 November - Boulez Premiere
Hi, The London Contemporary Music Group (LCM...
 21 Oct   recording piano
What do people here use to record piano?...
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