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 3 Jul   Almeida Summer Festival ticket offer
Almeida Summer Festival Building on the lon...
 3 Jul   Prize for ensemble works 14/06/08
Ensemble? Hardly! But very multicultural! Som...
 2 Jul  
 Jim Tribble 
 2 Jul   Wonderful night of inspiring music  
WHICH hits the highest? - Aida in Rome’s Cara...
 2 Jul   Palatinate Voices earn standing ovation for world premier  
THE SERIES of concerts to celebrate the bicen...
 29 Jun   Boosey's Emerging Composer Program
Oscar Bettison, Anna Clyne, and Du Yun are th...
 CT News 
 25 Jun   Questions for Booseys
Sarah Baird from Boosey's New York, who h...
 David Bruce 
 17 Jun   I look briefly for a topic like this but its about demos
My name is Ben I am new here. I write alot of...
 16 Jun   CBE for Michael Nyman, Knighthood for Mark Elder
In the Queen's Birthday Honours List, com...
 CT News 
 15 Jun   What would you like to see on CT?
I wanted to put up a thread requesting sugges...
 David Bruce 
 13 Jun   Arranging
In my industry (Brass Band), arranging is a b...
 James McFadyen 
 11 Jun   Negative atonal music
Hello anyone, Why does atonal music sound/fe...
 Gary Green 
 10 Jun   Wriiten music or Recorded music?
Hi From reading contributors posts and visit...
 Gary Green 
 10 Jun   Wuorinen to compose Brokeback Mountain Opera
The news that many thought was a hoax turns o...
 CT News 
 9 Jun   National heritage vs Political Correctness
Is political correctness stifling our creativ...
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