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 29 Aug   Boulez the conductor
Tom Service in the Guardian watches and talks...
 CT News 
 27 Aug   John Adams audio interview
Alongside a feature article on John Adams thi...
 CT News 
 24 Aug   ColourMuse - coloured notation piano method
Id just like to give my own experience of enc...
 24 Aug   Kings Place opens in London
Kings Place—a new creative centre within 5 mi...
 CT News 
 3 Aug   A new project is due ...or not ?
First there was the breaking down the histori...
 30 Jul   Writing for posterity
from an Alex Ross article on ...
 David Bruce 
 22 Jul   Composers and Performers
I have sent a number of my compositions to in...
 14 Jul   KLANG: A Tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen announced
The South Bank Center, London has announced d...
 CT News 
 12 Jul   Why Ad-Supported Music Won't Work: Blame The Labels
There's a lot of interest in ad-sponsored...
 CT News 
 7 Jul   Avner Dorman on ASCAP
C:T Interviewee Avner Dorman features on a ne...
 CT News 
 4 Jul   Podcast show: innovative music in Toronto
Hey All: As some of you know, I produce a po...
 Ben Mueller-Heaslip 
 4 Jul   Today`s Competitions.
Recently I've participated in the Interna...
 3 Jul   Almeida Summer Festival ticket offer
Almeida Summer Festival Building on the lon...
 3 Jul   Prize for ensemble works 14/06/08
Ensemble? Hardly! But very multicultural! Som...
 2 Jul  
 Jim Tribble 
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