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 30 Sep   Met to stage new Glass Opera about Walt Disney
Gerard Mortier, New York City Opera's gen...
 CT News 
 25 Sep   Leila Josefowicz and Alex Ross win MacArthur Fellowships
Violinist Leila Josefowicz, who recorded both...
 CT News 
 23 Sep   Funding for composers
I am a young composer (26), have a BA in comp...
 18 Sep   Mauricio Kagel dies in Germany at 76
Argentine-born composer Mauricio Kagel, whose...
 CT News 
 17 Sep   Music which is easy to play
On the weekend of the 13th September I attend...
 15 Sep   Passionato website launch
Passionato is a new website claiming to be th...
 CT News 
 15 Sep   For and against new music
Two interesting features in the guardian webs...
 CT News 
 9 Sep   BBC Visionaries
A new series of the BBC Visionaries program ...
 CT News 
 5 Sep   Introduction...
Hi, I'm C.J., and I'm new to this sit...
 5 Sep   LilyPond Service Station
Hi all We (Devilish Publishing) have devised...
 James McFadyen 
 29 Aug   Boulez the conductor
Tom Service in the Guardian watches and talks...
 CT News 
 27 Aug   John Adams audio interview
Alongside a feature article on John Adams thi...
 CT News 
 24 Aug   ColourMuse - coloured notation piano method
Id just like to give my own experience of enc...
 24 Aug   Kings Place opens in London
Kings Place—a new creative centre within 5 mi...
 CT News 
 3 Aug   A new project is due ...or not ?
First there was the breaking down the histori...
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