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 9 Mar   Into the Little Hill  
I went into this concert after reading a wave...
 9 Mar   Courses/Seminars/Symposiums/Conferences
Hey All, Does anyone know of any composition...
 Hugh Boyle 
 9 Mar   Composition Grievances
OK, two things annoy me about composition com...
 9 Mar   Instruments
I had a very interesting conversation recentl...
 Team Gaughan 
 16 Feb   Chief Heckler Made Bankrupt-a response
In response to a news item on the front page ...
 keith burstein 
 14 Feb   Format of works
This may sound like an anti-aesthetic questio...
 13 Feb   Knussen and Gruber appointed to BBC posts
The BBC has announced two posts, Oliver Knuss...
 CT News 
 11 Feb   Almir Chediak books
I'm trying to get hold of legal copies of...
 Signor Antonio 
 10 Feb   Call for instrumentalists
Hi everybody, I have been asked to write a sc...
 8 Feb   London Festival of Contemporary Church Music  
The opening concert of this central London fe...
 3 Feb   Lukas Foss Dies at 86
Lukas Foss, composer as well as respected pia...
 CT News 
 2 Feb   Composers` meetings in London (UK)
Hi there everyone, an idea... For those of u...
 2 Feb   Compositional technique
I was thinking the other day about the "dark ...
 16 Jan   George Steel to take over at NYC Opera
George Steel, longtime director of Miller The...
 CT News 
 6 Jan   Betty Freeman dies
Betty Freeman, a leading patron of new music ...
 CT News 
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