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 19 Jul   Piano Concertos
Hi there, I'm looking for some contempora...
 18 Jul   Commission fees
Hi there everyone, I am seeking some advi...
 12 Jul   Minor composers in history
I was reminded of a general problem by the Pu...
 11 Jul   Rufus Wainwright new opera
Hi folks, I was reading about Rufus Wainwrig...
 Team Gaughan 
 1 Jul   forum for composers
'composition today' performs a valuab...
 30 Jun   The Dark World Of BW RECKNAGEL - New Classical Composer Launches Debut Album
London based, German classical composer BW Re...
 29 Jun   Help writing harmony
I've read that there are certain formulas...
 I. E. Leibowitz 
 29 Jun   A series implies common practice harmony?
I am a continuo player. I have rarely put a 1...
 27 Jun   Maxwell Davies to write opera about MPs' expenses
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has disclosed today ...
 CT News 
 24 Jun   A Railway Junction in Portugal?
To paraphrase Anne Robinson (who she???) w...
 20 Jun   Philip Glass discusses modern music with Nico Muhly
As he prepares for a London appearance this w...
 CT News 
 19 Jun   Boulez wins $500,000 Kyoto prize
Boulez is one of the winners of this year'...
 CT News 
 19 Jun   Nicholas Maw dies
Nicholas Maw, one of Britain's leading co...
 CT News 
 17 Jun   Huddersfield Festival details announced
Highlights of the 2009 Huddersfield Contempor...
 CT News 
 16 Jun   Maxwell Davies in the Guardian
My advice to a young musician? Take no notice...
 CT News 
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