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  Which school?  trinsan at 04:04 on 21 June 2006

Hello! I am looking for a school in the USA to get a masters in composition; unfortunately, I'm not certain which one to choose. I am not so much interested in a "Traditional" program, wherein I mimic old "classical" composers and nothing more. I want an expanded program; is there any that allows the student to explore ethnomusicology as well as traditional?

  Re: Which school?  piargno at 03:39 on 23 June 2006

Brown University has a pretty good Ethnomusicology program, and the whole vibe down there is far from Traditional. BU is building an Ethno program right now, with the addition of Victor Coelho and Britta Himark (Hymark?) on their faculty. You might also want to take a look at Mannes, University of Michigan, or this school in Kansas City where Chen Yi teaches. And perhaps California Arts??? I'm slowly hearing more and more about this school.

Hope this helps!

  Re: Which school?  trinsan at 04:06 on 23 June 2006

Thank you so much! Very helpful!

  Re: Which school?  bvlasak at 17:25 on 25 June 2006

I'm a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Iowa, so I figure that I mind as well plug my own school. I must say that I have never been told to "write like someone else" and in fact, experimentation is encouraged. Combine this with the Center for New Music and the very young, very active Musicology department and I think that it might interest you.

  Re: Which school?  piargno at 13:04 on 29 June 2006

Do you by any chance know Ketty Nez?

  Re: Which school?  bvlasak at 14:06 on 29 June 2006

I do. I studied comp privately with her and orchestration in a classroom setting. Presently, she teaches at Boston University.

  Re: Which school?  piargno at 15:51 on 29 June 2006

Yes! I took orchestration with her, and she was my coach for a trio I played. Spunky character... ;-)

  Re: Which school?  trinsan at 18:04 on 30 June 2006

Oooh, this is very helpful. Thank you so much for the advice!