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  Composers` Publishing Opportunity  Arcomis at 14:31 on 14 October 2009

We thought you'd probably all benefit from this:

Arcomis (Arts Commissioning), an arts company who help promote the commissioning of new classical music, have a new online publishing catalogue for composers and performers. Composers of all ages and abilities from around the world are invited to upload scores on our website where they are then proof-read (just to check presentation) before being published online for the public to purchase and download.

The following code:


Offers a 50% discount for all scores uploaded making the upload cost 3.75
per score.

Once scores have been submitted they are proof-read by our editors before being published online. The public will then be able to browse and download these scores and for every purchase made the composer will receive 37.5% of the profit of their score. Our hope of course is that enough people will download the score to cover the upload fee!

Composers are free to set the prices of their work and retain all copyright. Some composers have chosen to include a biography and link to their own website as well.

The main focus is to make new classical music easily accessible to musicians and the general public alike.

More information can be found on our publishing pages at

We would be extremely grateful if you would pass this information to anyone
you think would benefit from our services.

Happy composing!