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  composer blogs  David Bruce at 17:53 on 21 February 2007

Anyone know of any composers who blog? I just came across Derek Bermel's: and it has some very interesting stuff on it
like this post about his earliest composition lesson: (Derek Bermel's interview with C:T coming soon.)

It would be great to compile a list of the more interesting composer blogs out there.

  Re: composer blogs  scott_good at 19:05 on 22 February 2007

Nice posting, thanks for sharing.

I have a friend who is not a composer (i think...) but is one of Toronto's most interesting and innovative new music presenters.

He wrote an entry in myspace that may be of interest. - go to blogs.

  Re: composer blogs  David Bruce at 18:35 on 23 February 2007

Thanks, that's a good one. I like this quote, in the context of holywood movies etc
"Tears are overrated, and aren't half as interesting as riots or blood feuds."  mattgreenecomposer at 03:17 on 24 February 2007

I just started a blog of sorts. Although it's not intended form me to blurb about the details of my day to day activities. I am updating it weekly with new music (mostly for pianists.) That you can download PDF files and mp3s. Anyone can reply on it and rant if they want about new music.

  Re: composer blogs  David Bruce at 17:04 on 17 March 2007

He's not a composer but I just discovered Alex Ross of the New Yorker's website and blog - some very good reading:

  Re: composer blogs  KE Peace at 14:45 on 08 April 2007

Hi, I'm new to this website and really enjoy having a community of composers as I work in relative isolation. Thanks everyone!

I have a blog with compositions on it -- of varying quality, to be sure, but then I use it to share both finished compositions and work-in-progress with friends and colleagues instead of sending CD's.

My blog is at

I compose using Finale and Garritan orchestral sounds, and then generate .wav files from Finale. Then I use Audio Converter to create MP3 files of my music, and upload the MP3 files to ODEO studio (which is free). From there I can copy the code for the player you see on my blog. ODEO had a few glitches, but overall, I'm pretty happy with it, especially for a free service. There are of course many ways to get your stuff onto the web; that is just one of them. I would be happy to assist in any technical details if someone would like to try the same method.

I would also be very grateful for feedback ("constructive criticism") on the following:

I read with a sinking feeling when one composer on this forum (whose name I will not mention) ripped apart a young student composer on the basis of one composition and I felt saddened and disgusted. Some of the criticism he offered may indeed have had some validity, but it was presented in such a way not as to teach and improve, but to destroy and dishearten. But then other people offered much more balanced evaluation, which was very encouraging. I would greatly appreciate criticism that also teaches me, after the "what doesn't work" part, how to make it better.

Thanks again!

  Re: composer blogs  ricnog at 23:55 on 11 April 2007


There's this one (altough a little abandoned recently)


  Re: composer blogs  mo at 20:30 on 15 April 2007

Hi David - check out Antoine Bustros' blog:
I'm just after setting it up (and still working on it). best - mo

  Re: composer blogs  cherylhoad at 23:00 on 11 June 2007

Hello, i've just started a new composer blog which you can see and comment on here...

(they'll be a direct link from my website soon).

It's all about a new piano concerto that i'm going to write after winning the Music Commission from Wicklow County Council's Per Cent for Art Scheme - wont really kick off properly for a while (i wont start writing until september...)

don't expect any revolutionary thoughts! But just thought i'd post it here


  Re: composer blogs  Life_olga at 13:59 on 09 October 2010

we have in our website DLSI of two composers ( blog (translation) and many other interesting texts about music. So, you are welcome!

  Re: composer blogs  Misuc at 17:38 on 15 October 2010

i am a composer ad I run a blog, but it's not about music, Does that count?

  Re: composer blogs  Misuc at 17:38 on 15 October 2010

i am a composer ad I run a blog, but it's not about music, Does that count?

  Re: composer blogs  FergusJ at 14:15 on 06 January 2011

try He has a premier coming up on Jan 11th. His first symphony. He's very erudite and a very good writer.

  Re: composer blogs  jesicakalra at 06:13 on 18 January 2011

i just want to go create a composer blog..
i am a small composer and compose a song for school.

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  Re: composer blogs  Misuc at 10:33 on 18 January 2011

Please take the following remark seriously.

You may regard it as offensive.

Actually it is defensive

[offending an offender is no offence]

we have to protect ourselves from fraudsters, liars and con-artists





This 20 message thread spans 2 pages: [1]  2  > >