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Composer/percussionist Lukas Ligeti Showcases New Works

 14 June 2012 at 8:00pm - 9:30pm 

Composer/percussionist Lukas Ligeti Showcases New Works

Gershwin Hotel, NYC
7 East 27th Street, NYC
United States

Just off a 3-month long tour in Europe and India, composer/percussionist Lukas Ligeti returns to his hometown of New York City with a trio of live performances ranging from avant-jazz collaborations to a curatorial concert series in Brooklyn. One of the most innovative composers and improvisers on the new music scene, Lukas neatly bridges the classical-modernist-world-music divide. He combines his post-minimalism compositional style with other facets of contemporary expressions such as noise and electronics as well as indigenous non-Western musical and cultural influences.
As part of the Contagious Sounds concert series curated by Vicky Chow, this concert features new works by Lukas for the rebirth of his band, Lukas Ligeti’s Notebook (formerly known as Kaleidoscope Point).

Leading on percussion, Lukas is joined by Dan Blake (sax) and Eyal Maoz (guitar). Wende K. Blass (guitar) and TBA (piano). Also slated to appear are special guests such as Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Tom Bergeron, Candy Chiu, and more…


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