Christopher P Sly - Composer  

I'm a classical composer from the heart of Sherwood Forest and now living in Mossley, just outside of Manchester with my Ria. I live for and love my music and I hope it shows!

I have written 86 Symphonies to date (although I'm never happy that they are completely finished), Concertos for several instruments, Serenades, some Opera and Operetta, Cantatas, Military pieces, Musical Ideas and Suites...etc etc...

I compose about 90% of my work in my head, which leaves me only to dictate the notes onto paper. A typical piece can be penned in the course of a day being as the music is already written! Somebody said once that if I ever cut myself, notes would bleed out!! lol

Anybody who knows me, will know that I am so indecisive, so I will regularly change the pieces on my page to show variety and to showcase my newest pieces aswell as my re-written older ones. I often write a new score and slot it into an already finished symphony etc.. until I am completely satisfied!(If I ever am.)

So many times I stare at an empty stave and feel so empty myself, but on the flip side of that, I sometimes don't have enough hours in the day to pen down the multitude of dancing notes skipping around in my noodle!!

It has been said that it is remarkable for someone so young (if 41 is young) to have penned down so much music in such a short time, when many other composers take months, if not years to write just one symphonic collection! Well...I apologise to those who may think this and indeed doubt the credibility of what I say! I hope all of the music that I post will allay such thoughts and, well... I just can't help what's in my head and how it works!!

I think....therefore I am ... a composer!