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25 Nov  

Welcome to the new look Composition:Today site  Whilst still maintaining many of the old features, such as the jobs and competitions listsing, the concert listings, the showcase pages, soundbank and interviews, we're launching a brand new feature which we hope will become the central focus of the site - a joint-blog run which will be edited by a distinguished collection of composers.We're delighted and excited to announce the following composers have agreed to join us on this new adventure: 

Colin Matthews
Arlene Sierra
Judith Bingham
Elena Langer
Oscar Bettison
Graham Lynch
Jim Aitchison
Scott Good
Ian Wilson
David Bruce


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David Bruce's C:T Profile:  David Bruce
David Bruce's Personal Website


 Gary Green commenting on Changes at C:T:
08 December 2009 at 23:22

I think the new-look site is great, David. Nice work.

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